VAST Data | Williams Racing | Partnership

VAST Data | Williams Racing | Partnership



Williams Racing is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with VAST Data. VAST Data, which helps organisations unlock the full power of their data, joins Williams as an Official Partner and technology vendor for the 2024 season and beyond. Serving customers around the world, VAST Data will see its logo carried on driver overalls and the FW46 piloted by Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

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In a typical race weekend, the hundreds of sensors on a Williams F1 car will generate one terabyte (1TB) of data – equivalent to streaming 166 two-hour HD films, filling four 256 GB personal computers, or 1,300 physical filing cabinets of paper. Designing and simulation-testing the car generates hundreds more terabytes. Understanding the wealth of data Formula 1 cars produce is critical to on-track success, and VAST Data’s expertise in managing and processing large datasets can help optimise the team’s performance.

The new partnership is the latest step in Williams’ transformation – building capabilities on and off track in pursuit of long-term success. With an almost unrivalled legacy of nine Constructors’ World Championships, seven Drivers’ Championships and 114 race wins since first taking to the track in 1977, the team is focused on making history again.

The announcement comes as Williams prepares to reveal its 2024 livery at a season launch event in New York on Monday, February 5. The official Williams Racing app and will show a live stream of the event at 0940 EST/1440 GMT.

Pat Fry, Chief Technical Officer at Williams Racing, commented:

It is fantastic to welcome VAST Data as an Official Partner, enhancing our data-driven approach to performance as we strengthen on and off track. At Williams Racing, we are always striving for excellence and seeking innovative solutions to gain a competitive edge in a sport with extremely fine margins. F1 teams generate enormous amounts of data every day, so we’re privileged to partner with VAST Data, whose expertise in managing and processing large datasets will play a crucial role in optimising our performance. The collaboration will allow us to harness the full potential of our data and help move us up the grid.

Peter Gadd, Vice President of International at VAST Data, added:

VAST Data is thrilled to be an Official Partner of Williams Racing. This partnership symbolises our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and performance. Williams Racing’s legacy of innovation and excellence in Formula 1 aligns perfectly with our vision of revolutionising data-driven insights in high-stakes environments. By bringing our advanced data management capabilities to the forefront of motor racing, we are not just sponsoring a team; we are driving a new era of technological synergy between data science and the pinnacle of motorsport. We look forward to an exhilarating journey of shared success and innovation.


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