Putting Some of the Wildest NBA Trade Rumors to Bed

Putting Some of the Wildest NBA Trade Rumors to Bed


The trade deadline is tantalizingly close and some absolutely absurd rumors are flying around, but is there any truth to them?

One of the biggest rumors that has been circulating involves the Warriors trading away star vets (and not mention future Hall-of-Famers) Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

Longtime NBA insider Brian Windhorst confirmed on Wednesday’s SportsCenter that the Dubs have “no interest” in trading Draymond or Klay.

Which makes sense because Green is only in the first year of a $100 million four-year deal, while Thompson will make $43.2 million this season – how is any team going to match that?!

Windy did say that the Warriors could look to move veteran guard Chris Paul or Andrew Wiggins before the trade deadline.

But Warriors coach Steve Kerr doesn’t seem too keen on the idea of parting ways with The Point God.

“We’re not going to find better players than [Chris Paul & Gary Payton II] in a trade,” Kerr said on 95.7 The Game on Wednesday. It’s exceedingly rare to make a deal where you can upgrade your talent to that level.”

Another CRAZY rumor that has been circulating involves Jimmy Butler being traded from Miami.

The rumor picked up steam when ESPN‘s Kendrick Perkins said this week that, “It’s time for the Miami Heat and Jimmy Butler to go their separate ways.”

Anyone that watches basketball knows that Butler bleeds for the Heat and it’s culture and his agent, Bernie Lee, explained as much.

“Put simply he’s never going anywhere.. EVER. He’s going to win a championship in Miami,” Lee said in response to Perkins.

Some other funny chatter getting around was that the Nets’ best player, Mikal Bridges, would potentially be traded away from Brooklyn, but insider Michael Scotto shut that down.

“Recently, the Houston Rockets were among the teams to register trade interest in Bridges,” league sources told HoopsHype. “Houston was prepared to send back several of Brooklyn’s unused remaining draft picks from the James Harden trade, but talks never got to that stage because the Nets declined to entertain anything for Bridges when Houston inquired.”

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