Andretti “strongly disagrees” with F1 statement on rejected entry

Andretti “strongly disagrees” with F1 statement on rejected entry


But it stopped short of saying what the project’s next step will be, other than indicating that its “work continues at pace.”

With support from American automotive giant General Motors, Andretti was ready to enter the F1 world championship as early as 2025, initially using a Renault customer engine before switching to a Cadillac unit in 2028.

The team’s bid was approved by the FIA on October 2, but then had to pass through the second stage of being examined by the F1 organisation and its CEO Stefano Domenicali.

On Wednesday, F1 issued a detailed explanation of why it had rejected Andretti, questioning the potential competitiveness of the team.

It noted that “we conclude that the applicant’s application to participate in the championship should not be successful.”

Andretti Cadillac logo

Photo by: Andretti Autosport

Andretti Cadillac logo

But the door has been left open for Andretti to try again when the Cadillac power unit is ready in 2028, with F1 stating “we would look differently on an application for the entry of a team into the 2028 championship with a GM power unit, either as a GM works team or as a GM customer team designing all allowable components in-house.”

In a short statement issued by way of response some five hours after the F1 announcement the team refuted the suggestion that it would not be competitive.

It stated: “Andretti Cadillac has reviewed the information Formula One Management Limited has shared and strongly disagree with its contents.

“Andretti and Cadillac are two successful global motorsports organisations committed to placing a genuine American works team in F1, competing alongside the world’s best.

“We are proud of the significant progress we have already made on developing a highly competitive car and power unit with an experienced team behind it, and our work continues at pace.

“Andretti Cadillac would also like to acknowledge and thank the fans who have expressed their support.”

Earlier in the day team patriarch Mario Andretti tweeted: “I’m devastated. I won’t say anything else because I can’t find any other words besides devastated.”

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