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Scarb's F1 Systems Workshop

Hello Everyone 🙋‍♂️ ,

I hope you guys have started 2024 on a positive footing. If not , don’t worry life is transitory !!

On a serious note , United Motorsports Academy is having these series of Workshops under the Event called “U.M.A Motorsports Month” .

👉 They are kicking off with an F1 Systems workshop with the F1 Guru, Craig Scarborough (30+ years of exp). Its a two day workshop with over 8hrs of learning and discussions focused around the F1 Powertrains systems , i.e. Combustion and Electrical aspects.

Wanted to drop this in as people in this community & your extended circle might be interested to attend. Also their pricing seems very nominal, ~$35 for each workshop.

I’ll drop the link below for those who are curious and would like to explore more about the workshops key learning outcomes and offerings. Hopefully this helps, have a good one 😁 .

Link to Workshop: Scarb’s F1 Systems Workshop

Scarb’s F1 Systems Workshop

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