Will The LA Chargers Make The Playoffs In 2024?

Will The LA Chargers Make The Playoffs In 2024?


The Los Angeles Chargers were one of the more disappointing teams of the 2023 NFL season. They came in with one of the most talented rosters in the league and were coming off of a disappointing playoff defeat, ready to avenge their mistakes from the postseason prior.

NFL Odds: Will The Chargers Make The Playoffs In 2024?

But Justin Herbert and company didn’t even sniff the playoffs this season. After starting the season 4-4, the Chargers would go on to lose 8 of their final 9 games, with the only win being a 6-0 edge over the Patriots. After Herbert was lost for the year due to injury, Los Angeles gave up 63 points to the Raiders in Week 15.

Head coach Brandon Staley was promptly fired, and the team has since brought in the polarizing Jim Harbaugh in order to try and right the ship.

Harbaugh brings a change that the franchise is hoping is the right one. He has had proven success in the NFL due to his time with the 49ers, and brings a completely different approach than what they were used to with Staley. Harbaugh is of course more offensive minded than his predecessor, and has plenty of quarterback knowledge to impart on Herbert from his days playing the position in the pros.

Will the turnaround be quick? The team figures to return many of its key pieces for the 2024 season, and they’ll still have plenty of talent on the roster in order to make a run.

You can bet on whether they’ll make the playoffs or not, as there are now odds available at BetOnline regarding the topic.

AFC Will Be Tough Sledding Again Next Season

The odds are in their favor, but the road won’t be easy, as the AFC figures to be tough yet again next year, starting with their own division. They would have to take down the conference champions Chiefs if they want to win the AFC West, and the Raiders could be on the upswing with a new head coach. The Broncos don’t have many places to go but up.

The rest of the AFC will be a bloodbath as well, as Los Angeles will likely be fighting for a wild card spot, if anything. Three teams from the AFC North qualified for the postseason in 2023, and none seem to be getting any weaker any time soon, and you can add the Bengals to the mix, too.

There are the Bills and Dolphins in the AFC East, who could be joined by Aaron Rodgers and the Jets, and the AFC South could produce a wild card team as well. The Texans won the division this past season, but the Jaguars will still be tough, and the Colts will get their young starting quarterback back for 2024 after just missing out on the playoffs this year.


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