Golf Business News – New Additions to Sustainable Golf Support Programs

Golf Business News - New Additions to Sustainable Golf Support Programs


GEO Sustainable Golf Foundation – the international non-profit entirely dedicated to advancing sustainability in and through golf – is delighted to share significant new additions to the suite of sustainable golf programs and tools for golf facilities.

The Sustainable Golf Pledge is an easily accessible commitment and mission statement that golf clubs can sign at and receive a downloadable certificate to promote. This immediately enables clubs to join the growing movement in sustainable golf, presenting a clear and positive purpose to staff, committees, members, visitors and local communities.

Signing the Sustainable Golf Pledge also gives golf clubs a position on the Sustainable Golf Leaderboard®, representing their involvement and journey in sustainable golf, and providing an instant online presence which can be added to golf club websites. Also hosted on the web platform, the Sustainable Golf Highlights Hub, now has more than 2000 crowd-sourced, grassroots examples of sustainability and climate action in practice.

Another new point of value is the Sustainable Golf Scorecards with carbon footprints are now available to clubs each year that they complete update a review of their best practices and add key data to the online OnCourse® program, which is free to use.  The Sustainable Golf Scorecard and carbon footprint provides expert analysis and insights across all the main sustainability topics for golf and includes year-on-year charts and infographics.

The detailed and credible carbon footprints cover key Scope 1, 2 and core Scope 3 emissions, identifying hot spots and efficiencies that will support clubs to prioritise their next most impactful and business-benefitting steps in their sustainability and climate action journey. In addition, an estimate of carbon sequestration is also provided.

Kelli Jerome, Executive Director of GEO Sustainable Golf Foundation said: “After many years of research and development with continual input from golf clubs around the world, it’s exciting to help broaden awareness and value with these additions to the support and recognition pathway. Any clubs interested in getting involved can dive straight in or contact the Sustainable Golf Foundation team to find out more. Action is becoming more and more essential and stepping forward to play a part is a chance for golf clubs to become more resilient, profitable and leaders in their communities, and for golf to standout as a leader in sustainability.”

The overall pathway of support and recognition the Foundation has developed with and for golf over many years, also includes the most widely endorsed and credible Sustainable Golf Certification, assured by GEO Certification Ltd and presented in partnership with international and national golf bodies; meaning that all of the tools and recognition are seamlessly connected. 

Sustainable Golf Champion Janne Lehto, Course Manager at Hirsala Golf and Finland’s first Master Greenkeeper, commented: “Sustainable Golf Scorecards and Carbon Footprint calculations are essential parts of Hirsala Golf’s journey as sustainable golf leaders. It is important to base all decision-making on accurate data to be able to manage the club’s environmental impact. Without data, it’s impossible to improve! The Sustainable Golf Scorecards are based on actual data we provide annually, and we have been able to start efficiently working on our weak points on our goal towards NetZero golf course operation.’’


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