Ari Aster’s new film ‘Eddington’: a horror western with touches of dark humor

Ari Aster's new film 'Eddington': a horror western with touches of dark humor


Ari Aster’s new film is already on the way. After ‘Beau Is Afraid’, horror is back, this time under the name of ‘Eddington’, with a spectacular cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Pedro Pascal, at least that’s what the first reports suggest.

Filming will begin on March 11 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, according to the portal World of Reel. In principle, according to Aster himself, it will be a black comedy western, with a touch of horror movies.

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This is the official synopsis of the film: “A couple, Lindsay and Marc, drive through New Mexico on their way to Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic. The couple runs out of gas on the outskirts of a small copper mining town: Eddington.

“Lindsay and Marc decide to enter the town in search of help. They are greeted warmly at first, but when night falls, the picturesque setting soon turns into a nightmare.”

Something similar to what happened with ‘Midsommar’: “There was a time when I thought ‘Midsommar’ would be my first film, and another time when I thought another script called Eddington might be that first film. For about five years, I tried to get that black comedy Western going. I did ‘Hereditary’ first, but I always had ‘Midsommar’ in the pipeline,” the filmmaker explained.

What was the worldwide gross of ‘Beau Is Afraid’?

According to Box Office Mojo, ‘Beau Is Afraid’ has grossed $10.3 million at the box office worldwide:

United States: $6.5 millionUnited Kingdom: $1.5 millionCanada: $1.3 million France: $0.6 million

It was a failure at the box office, except in the United States, although this has not stopped the production company A24 from continuing to trust the director, with whom they have already made three other films.


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