Effectively Wild Episode 2112: Signing Snellinger



Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about where Blake Snell and Cody Bellinger should/will sign, excoriate the Orioles for their offseason inaction, marvel at Alex Anthopoulos’s lengthy extension, discuss the Giants’ Jordan Hicks signing as part of a trend toward reliever-starter reverse conversions, consider the etymology of “innings eater” and how pitcher usage is like scripted TV, and reflect on the decline of foreign hitters in NPB, Naoyuki Uwasawa and the recruiting advantage of teams that excel at player development, and a quirk of contract milestones.

Audio intro: Harold Walker, “Effectively Wild Theme”
Audio outro: The Shirey Brothers, “Effectively Wild Theme”

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Link to over/under draft results
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Link to Trueblood tweet

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