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Fortnite has near-constant updates hitting the game. Most recently, we’ve got an update that brings back the very first FN map! The Fortnite update patch notes let you know everything that’s changed in the game. With every update these days adding seemingly something huge, it’s important to stay on top if you want to keep getting Victory Royales.

Anyone wondering if Fortnite is dying likely doesn’t see the near-constant stream of new content the game gets. If you want to keep performing as well as possible, You need to know what’s added in each patch, like unvaulted weapons and newer landing spots.

This is everything that’s new in the Fortnite patch notes this week.



Latest Patch Notes – New January Hotfix

The latest Fortnite update isn’t a major patch with brand new content, or even the snow leaving some of the map now Winterfest is over. Instead, this Tuesday we’ve received a new hotix. Epic is bringing back one of the lesser-used Fortnite items from recent seasons, the Crash Pad Jr.

This hotfix has primarily re-enabled the Fortnite Crash Pad Jr. It’s an item that lets you throw an inflatable pad on the floor. Below you. It cancels fall damage and bounces you forward. This is the smaller version which doesn’t launch you as high. First used in Chapter 4, these little pads are good for shorter getaways. Where it gets more interesting is the interaction with flow berries. The new Chapter 5 item gives a bigger jump. Combine it with this the crash pad and you’ll jump quite a bit higher.

That’s everything changed in the new hotfix. On the backend we’ve probably seen quite a few new skins get added to the files. However, in terms of gameplay changes the Crash Pad Jr is the sum of the latest Fortnite patch notes.

The other big change is removing the item shop refresh countdown. A weird change. It continues Epic’s current trend of messing with the item shop.

Fortnite Patch Notes Add New Items With End of Winterfest

A new Fortnite update is here! A little early, Epic has dropped our first update since the Winter break. We’ve got two new items and some other balancing changes altered in the game. How have things changed with the January 2 Fortnite update?

Fortnite Patch Notes

Source: @HypeX

New Item – Enforcer AR

A new weapon is here! We’ve got a brand-new item introduced, the Enforcer AR. Like the other two in the loot pool, this one still has projectile travel speed and bullet drop. It works a bit differently than the other two. This weapon probably still won’t be able to compete with the Snipers this season, but it’s fun to get a fresh gun in the loot pool.

Flowberry Fizz

The other major new addition is the Flowberry Fizz. This is a new consumable that you can find in all of the normal places. It’s a healing item that gives you 100 shield over time. It’s a nice addition but nothing too game-breaking. Players will likely stick with their standard pots for what to carry all game, but it’s great to see new heals.

Winterfest Ends

One of the bigger changes with the latest Fortnite patch notes isn’t anything new. It’s the removal of something else. The Winterfest celebration is over! Players can’t finish any of the quests anymore. The items are gone too. Hopefully, you got your fill of the Snowball launcher and Grappler while they were here, they’re likely gone for another year.

Older Chapter 5 Patch notes

Medallion Changes

The Medallions are by far the most powerful item in the game, at least at launch. The latest Fortnite patch notes have introduced a few more changes to how they work. These go some way towards balancing them. Although, with all five you’re still essentially a juggernaut. These are the medallion changes.

Healing Nerfed – Single medallions now only heal to 50, two to 60, three to 70, four to 80, and all five to 100
Healing Rate Slowed
Delay Introduced Before They Heal
Circle Marking Location Significantly Smaller

These should really help to make them a bit better balanced across the game. Although, they’ll still be a powerful factor. Keep these in mind for the Chapter 5 esports events.

Other Hotfix Changes

Medallions are definitely the major gameplay alteration of the most recent season, but Epic has also fiddled with a few other details of their most recent season. These are the other balancing changes so far.

Flowberries Buffed – Now heals for 15 instead of 10
Snowball launcher Mag – Size reduced from 6 to 4
Burst SMG Mag – Reduced from 24 to 27
Reaper Sniper Rifle – Drop Rate Reduced

These are some good changes which should help to make things a bit more balanced over the next few weeks.

Winterfest 2023 Update

Fortnite Patch Notes - Winterfest

Source: Epic Games

The other half of the most recent Fortnite patch notes is the new event, Winterfest 2023! This is a whole new event. We’re getting free Fortnite cosmetics, new content in Battle Royale, and even the return of LTMs. These are some of the new content you can find until January.

Free Cosmetics

Each day over Winterfest, you’ll unlock a new free cosmetic. This isn’t happening in the Winter Cabin like usual, it’s just in the quests this time. However, it functions basically the same. Every day you can log in and click redeem to get more items. There are the standard banners and smaller rewards, but also two fun winter-themed skins.

New Items in Battle Royale

Battle Royale is getting a ton of new items for the Fortnite Winterfest event. These are the Christmas additions making a return in the current Fortnite patch notes.

Snowball Launcher
Sneaky Snowmen
Christmas Presents
Icy Grappler

It’s a more restrained loot pool than the Christmas of planes we’ve gotten in the past. There are still plenty of Fortnite Chapter 5 mythics kicking around to hype things up though.


A new LTM-themed around making Christmas deliveries is here. It’s a classic-style Fortnite LTM, taking place on the Battle Royale map rather than on a creative level. Players can find throwable loot which they have to “deliver” by throwing it at enemy players.  There are a few quests to complete in this mode too.

Fortnite OG Patch Notes

The latest Fortnite patch notes are a bit lot! We might only be literal days into the Season, but Epic has dropped something huge. We got one of the increasingly common non-Tuesday updates! It’s a pretty big addition. This is what’s new:

Lego Fortnite Mode is Here

The biggest part of the latest Fortnite patch notes is that Epic has added another game to Fortnite. Along with Battle Royale and all of those Creative experiences, we’ve got a full Fortnite Lego mode released. It’s a more independent game where you’re exploring an entire Fortnite World made out of Lego.

Functionally, it’s pretty similar to Minecraft. You’re exploring randomly generated worlds. Collecting resources, fighting mobs, meeting NPCs. Generally, you’re just exploring and hanging out. There are tons to discover in here but it’s more of a sandbox. You can do whatever you want. You can even take your Fortnite skins over to the Lego Mode. You’ll be able to bring all non-crossover characters there as new Lego versions and more are coming soon.

Alongside this, we’ve seen new skins get added to the item shop which each come with new Lego versions.

Fortnite Lego Chapter 5

Source: Epic Games, Lego

New Skins in Files

It isn’t just Lego that’s been added, we’ve had quite a few new looks put into the game. These aren’t in the Fortnite shop just yet. However, we can expect these skins to hit the game in the next few weeks.

Lego Mr Beast
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Dragon Ball Skins (Cell and Frieza)
John Wick (with a new form)

Chapter 5

A new Fortnite patch has just hit. After a few weeks of slipped release dates, Epic has, for some reason, gone back to Tuesday updates. What’s changed in the latest patch notes? There are a few alterations that have happened, but for a lot of players, the major changes are under the hood, with Epic adding a serious amount of new content that’s lining up with our end-of-season event. Now we’ve moved further in the week, the game has had its update activated and we’ve moved onto a new season in the game’s Chapter 1 flashback. This is what’s changed with the latest patch.

Fortnite OG Event Files Added

The end of the current Fortnite season has been updated, now happening on December 3rd. This is coming with another new Fortnite live event! A leaked loading screen and various skins in the game might give us a clue about this event, rapper Eminem appears in it. How a concert will tie into our end of Chapter blowout is still a mystery though. It’s only a short while until we see the Fortnite Big Bang event and get all of our answers.

New Fortnite OG Season

The hotfix isn’t just updating the files, it has brought Fortnite OG over to a brand-new season. We’re going to be jumping into a mix of Season 9 and Season X for the final period of Fortnite OG. These are major changes we’ve seen with the latest Fortnite patch notes.

New Weapons and Items
Heavy Sniper Rifle
Proximity Grenade Launcher
Air Strike
Junk Rift
Storm Flip

New Vehicles

The Baller is making a comeback! This vehicle can move over any terrain that you want. It has a grappler for easy access to even high ground. One of the more powerful vehicles that Epic has ever added to the game. The jetpack is back as an item too, which is a kind of vehicle.

All of these new changes should help to make Fortnite X and 9 a fun part of OG. We’re further into the first chapter than most think of as the OG period, but it’s great to get some of these fun items back. Particularly things like the Storm Flip which have only rarely been included in the past.

Fortnite Season 6 Patch

The latest Fortnite update is here a week after the new season launched. As this is Fortnite OG, we’re getting a bit more out of the latest Fortnite patch notes than a normal hotfix. We’re basically getting a new season’s worth of changes. The Chapter 1 version of the game has been changed from being based on Season 5 to Season 6 instead.

While most of the new content is back from Season 6, there are actually some much more modern changes hidden in here too. One Fortnite item that was nowhere to be seen in the OG Fortnite Chapter 1 has been quietly re-enabled as very high-level loot. This is what’s changed.

Map Changes

Fortnite patch Notes - Fortnite OG

Source: Epic Games

Unlike most new Fortnite patch notes, we have major Fortnite OG map changes. The central Loot Lake POI has been changed up. The house is now hovering up in the air, with quite a few more chest spawns. The river itself now draws into a whirlpool, where you get launched back up into the air.

All of these changes originally happened as a result of Kevin the Cube’s trip around the island. There are a few other smaller changes around the map too.

New Mobility – Driftboards and Quadcrashers

A major part of the new Fortnite patch notes are new mobility vehicles. We’re getting both the Quadcrasher and Driftboards! These two items allow you to get around the map a lot quicker. It’s a big improvement on the locked down traversal of the last week of Fortnite OG.

There’s another mobility item which has appeared in the game a bit more quietly though. The Grapple Glove. This was a reskin of the Spider-Man’s Webslingers back in Chapter 3. It allowed the game to keep its mobility without having to use items from one of the Fortnite crossovers along the way. It’s a weird addition to a nostalgia season but should keep those unhappy with the more retro playstyle at bay. It’s mainly found in supply drops, so pretty rare.

New Items

Fortnite patch Notes - Fortnite OG

Source: Epic Games

The final part of our Fortnite patch notes are the new items. These are the weapons and other goods that have been added:

Double Barrel Shotgun
Six Shooter
Chiller Trap
Mounted Turrets
Old Fortnite Patch Notes

New Old Map

The Chapter 1 map is back! This has been built up quite a bit before release but it’s great to jump in and try that classic map back out. There’s been basically no changes from its original form, so players can enjoy one of the maps that made Fortnite so popular today. It’s less a new map and more a flashback.

The map is starting out in Chapter 1 Season 5. In about a week we’ll get another update bringing us to Season 6, then a joint 7/8, before a final update bringing us to Season 9/X.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Release Date

Source: Epic Games

Old Weapons Returning

One major change in the new Fortnite patch notes is the weapon pool. Everything that wasn’t around for Season 1 is gone. That means all modern shotguns, ARs, FN Mythic and Exotics, fishing, most meds, pretty much everything.

What’s here instead is the OG loot pool. We’ve got the weapons and items from Chapter 1 Season 5 back. Some highlights include the OG Pump Shotgun, the Burst Assault Rifle, you can even rocket ride once more!

Some changes that might need getting used to are the meds and mobility. These are lighter. We’re back to quite basic meds and lower mobility. This is a fun change of pace from the recent set-ups. Players will have to adjust their strategy for the game compared to C4 S4 though.

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 Release Date

Source: Epic Games

Battle Pass

A new Battle Pass is here for this season! This one is shorter, since we’re in a mini season. You’re getting a few new skins including a customizable Peely and a build your own Knight skin! The battle Pass still returns more than a thousand V-Bucks too. So, if you buy it, you’ll get more V-Bucks back than you spent. Finishing off each season’s Battle Pass is a perfect way to get free V-Bucks in Fortnite.

Chapter 4 Season 4 Patch Notes

The latest Fortnite patch arrived this week! This time, it’s just a small balance fix though. We’ve only recently gotten the Fortnitemares 2023 updates. So, it makes sense Epic is pushing out a smaller one the week after. It’s largely bugfixes and other minor changes here. What exactly has changed with the latest Fortnite patch notes though? This is what’s different:

New Augments

The hotfix has enabled two different Augments for the Fortnitemares content.

Revamped – Get a Wood Stake Shotgun also get a siphon effect from hits on enemies with the gun.
Witchy Warrior – Get a Witch’s Broom and a decreased cooldown for the item.

Map Changes

Latest Fortnite update

Source: @ShiinaBR

The other major change is some fiddling with the map. It isn’t a new POI or anything like that though. A number of Chapter 1 props have appeared all over Frenzy Fields. In lore, it seems they’ve used Kado’s time machine to bring these Chapter 1 props back.  This lines up with the future of the game that are hinted at with the Fortnite leaks going on at the moment.

These changes aren’t going to make a difference for a lot of gameplay. However, it’s a nice update midseason to hint at what’s coming next.

The first big update for Chapter 4 Season 2 from Epic has brought a lot of new content into the game. This time it’s centered around a seasonal event. This means we’ve got a clear expiry date for this new stuff! There are some changes that are sticking around though. These are all of the major changes in the Fortnite update patch notes.

Chapter 4 Season 2 Patch Notes – Spring Breakout Patch Notes

A big portion of the new Fortnite patch notes in the Spring Breakout! This is our Spring event. It means we’re getting the Egg Launcher back as an item, along with more chickens who now dropped various types of eggs for you to collect or eat!The patch also comes with new Spring Breakout quests. These are available through April 11th! Players can get a few free cosmetics for completing them, including the Bloomback Sack Back Bling, Shell Smash Spray, The Works Loading Screen, and Spring Breakout Banner Icon. Completing all of the quests will net you a pickaxe and a glider too! These are entirely free and have their own expiry, so you don’t have to worry about when the Fortnite Battle Pass ends here.

New Augments in Fortnite Update Patch Notes

New Reality Augments are coming into Battle Royale with the new update. The first adds an option for getting an Egg Launcher directly, which is a nice way to ensure you’re getting brand new content in your game. Then there’s a handful of others that will stick around beyond the Spring event.

Rail Warrior – Regenerate your health and some shield while on grind rails and ziplines
Go for Broke – Get a Charge Shotgun and Flintknock Pistol
Aquatic Warrior – Get a faster movement speed and health regeneration while swimming
Game Time – Get a Pizza Party and some Chug Splashes!


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