Nasser Hussain opens up on the role of ‘Bazball’ in England’s Test tour of India

Nasser Hussain opens up on the role of ‘Bazball’ in England’s Test tour of India


As England gear up for their upcoming Test tour of India, the cricketing arena is buzzing with speculation about the dual factors that will undeniably shape the series, and they are the enigmatic nature of Indian pitches and England’s audacious ‘Bazball’ strategy. The narrative surrounding the tour is a tale of two crucial elements, each holding the potential to sway the course of the game.

The Three Lions’ ‘Bazball’ strategy, known for its unpredictability and surprise element, has been a talking point, leaving cricket enthusiasts curious about its impact on Indian soil. Nasser Hussain, the former England cricketer turned astute analyst, has entered the fray, offering his insightful perspective on the intriguing interplay between England’s unconventional game plan and the challenging Indian conditions.

Nasser Hussain on bazball

Hussain highlighted the ongoing discussions around Indian cricket and the emergence of bazball. He mentioned that during the ODI World Cup 2023, the Indian fans seemed eager to witness the resolution or conclusion of the Bazball narrative, indicating a keen interest and curiosity within the cricket fraternity.

‘There’s been a lot of talk about Indian cricket and there’s been a lot of talk about Bazball. My sense in the World Cup was that a lot of Indian fans are waiting to see how to put Bazball to bed,’ Hussain told Michael Atherton while speaking on the Skysports cricket podcast.

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Nasser Hussain on Indian pitches

Hussain expressed his opinion, suggesting India should opt for pitches offering moderate spin. He displayed that Indian spinners and batters would likely outperform their English counterparts on such pitches. However, the former England captain cautioned against asking for pitches with excessive turn, as it might introduce an element of unpredictability and bring England’s spinners into play.

“I think what India should do is ask for good pitches that spin a bit because I think their spinners and batters will then out-bat and out-spin ours. If they ask for pitches that spin a lot then it becomes a bit of a lottery and brings England’s spinners into the game. The way Bazball goes about its business, they won’t die wondering,” the 55-year-old added.

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