Golf Business News – Foresight Sports unveils Falcon launch monitor

Golf Business News - Foresight Sports unveils Falcon launch monitor


Six years after engineering its award-winning launch monitor technology into a best-selling simulation-focused model called GCHawk, Foresight Sports has announced the 2024 release of its much-anticipated evolution, the Foresight Falcon.

Built on the same photometric technology found in the GCHawk, the Falcon’s design includes a full complement of cutting-edge simulation capabilities in a more powerful form factor roughly half the size of its predecessor. 

According to Foresight Sports Co-President, Jon Watters, the Falcon is a direct response to the ever-growing simulation technologies that have appeared in the wake of the GCHawk. 

“Our GCHawk had the same game-changing effect on the simulation golf market in 2018 that our GC2 had on the broader launch monitor market in 2010,” Watters said. “In both cases, we were able to open golfers’ eyes with technologies that were incredibly accurate, robust, and durable. The Falcon packs everything you expect from a Foresight product into a smaller, lighter model that beats every competitive newcomer feature by feature. In the simulation space, the GCHawk was the category creator. The Foresight Falcon will be the category expander for those looking for a simulator expression that fits their space, use case, and budget.”

Built on a reinforced aluminium framework that is 10lbs lighter and 45 inches shorter than the GCHawk, the Falcon’s quadrascopic camera technology delivers an impressive list of features that includes a hitting zone nearly twice the size of other ceiling mounted launch monitors, rubberised impact protection, three connection options (Ethernet, USB-C, Wifi), and an integrated power supply. Standing behind its unmatched product build quality and industrial design, Foresight Sports has equipped the Falcon with a two-year warranty – longer than that of competing products. 

“The Falcon delivers more than a dozen points of ball and club performance data with each shot,” said Foresight Sports’ Chief Technology Officer, Padu Merlotti. “That’s nearly twice the data of any other overhead-mounted launch monitor in the market with the exception of the GCHawk.”

The Foresight Falcon will be offered from £13,990/€16,000 ex VAT, including software and is available for pre-order now.

To learn more about the Foresight Falcon and Falcon-powered Sim-in-a-Box options visit, call +44 (0)1483 319945 or email


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