LCK 2024 Support Power Rankings


Here are the support player rankings coming into the 2024 LCK Spring Split. Traditionally a stacked role in Korea, the competition will also be fierce this season.

LCK support rankings

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LCK Support Power Rankings – 2024 Spring Split

5. BeryL

It was tough to put BeryL on this list given the abysmal season on DRX last year. That said, the player is still a two-time world champion and while past results don’t really matter, I feel like he will find his footing on KT Rolster.

He will reunite with Pyosik and Deft from the 2022 DRX lineup, which should allow him to quickly find the synergy and mechanics needed to shine. Hope he doesn’t spend too much time on Genshin and other Gacha games, though.

4. Kellin

Kellin had ups and downs in 2023, as he had to share stage time with DK’s other support Bible. There was a period where he struggled a lot and I personally think he will continue to struggle if the meta heavily relies on engage supports.

Luckily, he has Aiming on his side which will definitely make him look a lot better in some matches. That said, if he doesn’t step up his game a bit, he won’t be able to fight with the top 3 support players in the LCK.

3. Lehends

Lehends returns to Gen.G after spending one year on Hanwha Life, and I’m quite excited by this change. I’ve always thought of him as the most creative support player in the league, and the only one who can really match Keria in top form.

He will play alongside Peyz so I don’t have many doubts about this bot lane. What I need to see, though, is how Lehends behaves with his jungle-mid duo: their synergy will likely determine both his final ranking and Gen.G’s position at the end of the split.

2. Delight

Delight was a great surprise for me on the Gen.G squad last season. Always considered a solid player, I feel like he delivered above the expectations set, looking like the best support in the LCK in specific periods throughout the season.

Even though he left Gen.G, he still reunited with Doran and Peanut, and he will also have Viper as his bot lane companion. As long as he’s able to keep his form from 2023, Delight will be fighting for that best support title.

1. Keria

It’s not surprising to see Keria at the top of the LCK support power rankings. Not just because he has been the best support from an individual level in the past few years, but also for the contribution he brings to the T1 squad.

Aside from incredible mechanical prowess, Keria can bring out unconventional picks that can warp entire meta-reads. He’s not scared to innovate and he’ll always make sure to get find an edge before others catch up. Lots of changes are coming to Summoner’s Rift for the 2024 competitive season, and I can’t wait to see what Keria will be cooking as he will want to defend his World title.


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