Your Ultimate Sports Calendar 2023-2024: Dates & Events.

Your Ultimate Sports Calendar 2023-2024: Dates & Events.


Your Ultimate Sports Calendar 2023-2024: Dates, Events, and Highlights

The upcoming year is packed with exhilarating sports events across the globe, promising fans a thrilling ride through a myriad of competitions. From the World Darts Final to the Paris Olympics, mark your calendars for these unmissable spectacles.


– **World Darts Final (3rd Jan):** Kicking off the year with darting brilliance, the World Darts Final sets the stage for high-octane action.

– **GAA All-Ireland Club finals (20/21 Jan):** Celebrating grassroots Gaelic games, witness the culmination of club-level excellence.

– **France v Ireland – 6N (2 Feb):** The Six Nations Rugby clash between France and Ireland ignites the tournament in a battle for supremacy.

– **SuperBowl (11th Feb):** The grandest stage in American football, where legends are made and history is written.

– **Tyson Fury v Usyk (17th Feb):** Two heavyweight champions collide in a bout anticipated to shake the boxing world.


– **Athletics – World Indoor (1st to 3rd Mar):** Sprint, jump, and throw as elite athletes compete for indoor glory.

– **Cheltenham Festival (12th to 15th Mar):** Horse racing enthusiasts gather for the prestigious festival showcasing top-tier talent.

– **Ireland v Scotland 6N (16 Mar):** A Six Nations clash filled with intensity and national pride.

– **GAA Football League Finals (31st Mar):** The pinnacle of Gaelic football league action.

– **Women’s Six Nations Finals (27th April):** Women’s rugby reaches its climax in this thrilling championship finale.


– **Snooker – World Final (6th May):** Cue the excitement as the best in snooker vie for the coveted title.

– **Europa League final Dublin (22nd May):** Football fever hits Dublin with the climax of European club football.

– **English Grand National (13th April):** The prestigious horse racing event captures the world’s attention.

– **Champions Cup Rugby Final (25th May):** Top European rugby clubs battle for supremacy.

– **Champions League final (1 June):** Witness the pinnacle of European club football.

– **Munster Hurling Final (9th June):** Hurling enthusiasts brace for a clash of the titans.

– **URC Final (22nd June):** The climax of the United Rugby Championship.

– **Euros 2024 (14 June to 14 July):** Europe’s football extravaganza awaits, promising nail-biting encounters.

– **All-Ireland Hurling final (21st July):** A showcase of hurling excellence and passion.

– **Open Golf (21st July):** Golf’s prestigious tournament tests the world’s best on the green.

– **Paris Olympics (26 July to 11 August):** The pinnacle of athleticism converges in Paris for the grand Olympic spectacle.-

**All-Ireland Football Final (28th July):** Gaelic football reaches its zenith in this highly anticipated championship showdown.

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