Stake F1 Team unveils a new identity for 2024 and 2025

Stake F1 Team unveils a new identity for 2024 and 2025



There will be a new, fresh brand on the grid as the Stake F1 Team makes its debut at the beginning of the 2024 season. Stake, the world’s leading betting, entertainment and lifestyle brand, will become the team’s exclusive Title Partner for the 2024 and 2025 seasons, taking over the exclusive naming rights of the team and establishing a first-of-a-kind brand presence in Formula One.

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The unprecedented move continues the successful partnership established in 2023 and will outline new beginnings for the F1 Team, which will compete in this new identity in 2024 and 2025. The partnership’s fan-centric focus will also be complemented by Stake’s takeover of the team’s social media handles as @stakef1team, reflecting the squad’s new branding.

Stake F1 Team will begin a new, dynamic and exciting era that breaks away from conventional sports and entertainment sponsorship concepts. It aims to redefine marketing activations excitingly, leaving no tradition untouched and challenging the status quo. In this innovative approach, excitement is the new currency for what promises to be one of the most engaging teams on the grid. Stake F1 Team is crafted to keep the fans front and centre– by bringing a fresh perspective on the intersection of sports and entertainment.

Founded in 2017 by a group of technology and betting industry entrepreneurs, Stake has established itself as a leading presence in sports and entertainment ever since. Stake’s involvement in Formula One further strengthens the brand’s diverse roster of partners, including Canadian superstar Drake, Everton Football Club, the UFC, and many more.

In 2023, the brand’s inaugural year in the Formula One ecosystem, Stake already made its mark via a series of unique activations focused on cross-collaboration with its other existing brand partnerships. Having successfully reached a broad demographic that extends well beyond the traditional Formula One fan base in its debut year, Stake is planning a series of high-profile experiences to take place during the 2024 F1 calendar – starting with the eagerly awaited launch of the new C44 in February.

Alessandro Alunni Bravi, Team Representative:

Last season represented the start of Stake’s journey in Formula One, and the brand’s new role headlining Stake F1 Team represents the natural and exciting next step on this path. Stake successfully tapped into Formula One’s growing fan base to enhance its community and introduced a new audience to the sport, benefiting our team and everyone else in F1. We had the opportunity to participate in incredible activations with some of Stake’s ambassadors, including Argentine football legend Sergio Aguero and Indian-Canadian rapper Karan Aujla. 2024 will be a new page and the chance to do more, better, and reach even farther: we are looking forward to an even more exciting calendar of events in this new season.

Edward Craven, Co-Founder of Stake:

We are thrilled with the opportunity to bring an electrifying and brand-new identity into our Formula One team, kickstarting the F1 season with a bold team name, Stake F1 Team. Fuelled by a deep passion for speed, innovation, and pushing boundaries, we are ideally positioned to take the team to unprecedented heights from 2024 and beyond. The upcoming years will be thrilling, with some mind-blowing activations planned to redefine excitement on and off the track. So, brace yourselves and stay tuned as the Stake F1 Team accelerates towards an exciting future!

Akhil Sarin, Chief Marketing Officer of Stake:

The past season has been a testament to the marketing and media value that Stake has brought to the F1 team, especially within the digital landscape. The first phase of this partnership has succeeded in increasing global brand awareness for all stakeholders. At Stake, we are prepared to take the team’s reach, fanbase and visibility to unprecedented levels. Our strategy will deliver unforgettable experiences highlighting our unwavering commitment and dedication to innovation, entertainment, and global connectivity.


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